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Top photo taken at Las Golondrinas, NM
Portrait below shot by Pat Rogers at The Single Action Shooters Society "End of Trail"

Will be attending the WWA Convention in Las Vegas, June 25-29

The Great West Detective Agency series has been sold to Berkley Publishing. The first novel, Hound and Harlot is scheduled to be delivered in October for 2014 publication! Great characters, great new series!

Jackson Lowry is a pen name of Robert E. Vardeman.

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      Published February 2011

The Sonora Noose

A 2011 nominee for the Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award as best novel!

A 2011 nominee for the 2011 New Mexico Book Award.

West of the Big River

The Artist

The Quick and the Dying


3 generations of Rangers


Fifteen Dollars: A Deputy Marshal Mason Barker story

The Silver Noose in the Western Fictioneers anthology, The Traditional West

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